Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop 34 (CGSW 34)


The 34th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW 34) will take place on June 14 and 15 in the beautiful lakeside city of Konstanz, Germany.

Confirmed speakers:

Terje Lohndal (NTNU Trondheim)

Jon Sprouse (University of Connecticut)

Elly van Gelderen (Arizona State University)

For more on the history of CGSW, see [here]


University of Konstanz

14-15 June, 2019


Andreas Trotzke

George Walkden

Organizing Board

Josef Bayer

Miriam Butt

Nicole Dehé

Tanja Kupisch

Theo Marinis

Andreas Trotzke

George Walkden

Partially funded by:

Karst-Stiftung, University of Konstanz