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English Linguistics:
Short Course Descriptions

Phonetics I & II
cover acoustic and articulatory properties of speech sounds, as well as the various psycholinguistic aspects of their perceptual processing.

Phonology I
is a general introduction to phonological theory and the structure of sound systems across the languages of the world.

Morphology I
offers an introduction to the theory of word structure and word formation.

Syntax I
introduces syntactic theory and explores the formation and structure of sentences with particular emphasis on German and English.

Structure of Modern English
explores the sound system, word structure, word formation, and sentence structure of Modern English.

English Linguistics for Teachers of English I & II
provide an overview of the structural properties of English and its well-known varieties (e.g., General American and Received Pronunciation).

History of English
covers the diachronic development of the English language from the Old English period to the Early Modern English period.

Historical Linguistics
covers theories of language change, raising issues on which aspects of languages are most vulnerable to change and where one could predict very little change.

Language Acquisition I & II
explore the role of Universal Grammar in first and second language acquisition and examine syntactic, morphological and phonological examples of first and second language research and study in detail theoretical frameworks that aim to explain how children and adults acquire grammatical knowledge.

Phonology II
focuses on a variety of phonological and morphological phenomena in Modern English and compares and contrasts different frameworks that aim to capture various outstanding issues in English phonology.

Morphology II
explores word formation processes in English from several dimensions, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, psycholinguistics, and historical linguistics and deals with issues of morphological productivity and psycholinguistic representations of morphemes.

studies the cross-linguistic diversity in the world by discussing language universals and the parameters of cross-linguistic analysis of grammatical systems.

Research Seminar in English Linguistics
provides a forum for students who are preparing for various oral and written exams related to their program of study, as well as for those who are in the process of writing their BA thesis in linguistics.

Special Topics in English Linguistics
is an advanced seminar on specific topics that include but are not restricted to: historical and sociolinguistic aspects of English and its varieties, stylistics and pragmatics as well as the study of verbal art.


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