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English Linguistics: Information for International Students

The University of Konstanz has established a large number of exchange programs with universities all over the world and all visiting students are welcome to attend academic courses in linguistics in Konstanz appropriate to their level.

Course offerings in English:

Although most academic courses are taught in German, the Department of Linguistics also regularly offers a wide range of classes in English:

Introductory level (Ling 100)

Wintersemester (autumnterm):
  • Phonetics I (Ling 111)
  • Pragmatics I (Ling 116)
  • Structure of Modern English (Ling 171)
  • Varieties of English
Sommersemester (springterm):
  • Phonology I (Ling 112)
  • Morphology I (Ling 113)
  • Syntax I (Ling 114)
  • History of English (Ling 172)

Advanced level (Ling 200)
  • Phonology II (Ling 212)
  • Morphology II (Ling 213)
  • Syntax II (Ling 214)
  • Historical Linguistics (Ling 221)
  • Language Acquisition I (Ling 242)
Please note that we can specify at which term the 100-level courses will be offered, but the 200-level courses vary and it depends on the available staff in which semester exactly the courses will take place.

Short Course Descriptions

Additional courses in English may be offered depending on the availability of faculty members.

Faculty teaching in English includes:
Prof. Dr. Miriam Butt
Prof. Dr. Nicole Dehé
Prof. Dr. Janet Grijzenhout
Otto Pape, M.Phil.
Prof. Dr. Frans Plank
Dr. des. Muna Pohl

Foreign students

Foreign students who plan to register as regular students intending to earn an academic degree (e.g., B.A. in Linguistics) at the University of Konstanz should contact Dr. Carmen Kelling (academic advisor) the Department of Linguistics / Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft for further details.

Contact information:
Carmen Kelling, Dr., Office G 121
Tel. +49 (0)7531 - 88 25 81
Mon to Thu, 10 - 11
Tue and Thu, 12.30 - 13.30
E-mail: Carmen.Kelling(at)uni-konstanz.de

URL: http://ling.uni-konstanz.de

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