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English Linguistics: Study programs

BA-Sprachwissenschaft mit anglistischem Schwerpunkt

  • BA students in Linguistics have the possibility to specialize on the structure and history of the English language.
  • You can find further information here

BA British and American Studies
  • 'British and American Studies' is an interdisciplinary program that introduces students to literary, cultural, and linguistic studies in the context of the English-speaking world.
  • For further information click here

MA English Linguistics
  • The program offers advanced courses in linguistic theories and explores how these theories help to explain language change, language acquisition and processing. We also specialize on typological aspects of the English language that are instructive for understanding unity and diversity within the Germanic language family as well as other languages of the world.
  • For further information click here or download the Modulhandbuch

Lehramt Englisch (i.e. English Language Teaching) and Wirtschaftspädagogik Doppelwahlpflichtfach Englisch
  • Students are introduced to the empirical and theoretical foundations of linguistics. We also offer specialty courses in applied linguistics - e.g., first and second language acquisition - which are particularly relevant for prospective teachers of English.
  • Official examiners for the "state-exam" are: Miriam Butt, Nicole Dehé, Janet Grijzenhout, Frans Plank, and Maribel Romero

Further information:
  • For those who are doing their basic course of studies (Grundstudium), including intermediate exam candidates, the contact person is Florian Schönhuber, lehramt.litling@uni-konstanz.de, G 111, +49 (0)7531 - 88-4108.
  • Those who are doing their advanced course of studies (Hauptstudium), please note that approximately one year before the oral exam, there is an internal pre-registration process concerning the Linguistics part of the oral exam, which helps us to assign state-exam candidates to examiners. You can find the registration form here.
For all other questions, please contact the Zentrum für Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung or the Landeslehrerprüfungsamt.

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