Accommodation tends to be a problem in Konstanz because of its great attraction for tourists. In order to help out, we have made some arrangements for fall-school students with the local youth hostel and the hotel Graf Zeppelin.

Prereserved Bookings (Students)

Graf Zeppelin This hotel offers 3-4 bed rooms at reduced prices. We have reserved about 20 places for about DM 48 per person. First come first serve. 
Youth Hostel  Unfortunately, we were only able secure accommodations for the first week (9.9.01 - 17.9.01) here. If you choose this option, you will have to find another accommodation for the other 5 nights.


We are continuing to look for more types of reasonable housing accommodation, so please do keep checking the website.

Other Hotels

Some other hotels which are reasonable:
Hotel Barbarossa Single: DM 70-115, Double: DM 160-198
Deutsches Haus  Single: DM 95-110, Double: DM 170-180
Non-Smokers' Hotel Gerda Single: DM 65-105, Double: DM 120-170

The best method to book rooms in these hotels is via the Tourist-Information of Konstanz. They will also be able to secure you special university rates if the hotels are offering them. We are currently working on obtaining a standardized booking form from them.


Konstanz also offers possibilities for camping. If you want to live cheap and love your tent, it may pay to look into this option at the Tourist-Information of Konstanz

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