Konstanz is a very popular tourist spot. This is due to its relatively mild climate and its location by the huge Bodensee. You can find more information here (German only, sorry) and here.


The nearest airports are Zurich (Switzerland) and Stuttgart. Here is a brief description on how to get to Konstanz.


Accomodation tends to be a problem in Konstanz because of its great attraction for tourists. In order to help out, we have made some local arrangements for fall-school students with the local youth hostel and the hotel Graf Zeppelin. Click here for this and other hotel information.


The university is situated on a hill away from the town center. There are therefore no restaurants, etc. located at a convenient distance. However, fall school students/teachers will be able to eat at the local mensa (dining hall), the Cafeteria or the local restaurant, the Arche.

The Mensa on K5 is open from 11:15 to 14:30 and serves three different types of meals in addition to a salad bar: Stammessen, Eintopf or Wahlessen. Prices vary between DM 3 and DM 4.40 for students, between DM 8.50 and DM 9.90 for non-students.

The Cafeteria on K6 is open as of 11 am and serves two different types of meals in addition to sandwiches, sweets and snacks.

The Cafe Arche on K3 is open as of 11:30 am and offers a choice of salads, pasta and several turkish dishes. Prices range between DM 9 and DM 12.


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