Here is the program for the fall school plus some more detailed information on other parts of the schedule.

Registration Office: G302


Daily Schedule, Monday-Friday, September 10-21

All courses take place in Room G309 or in the Computer Room.
9:00 - 10:30  Schulte im Walde, Zinsmeister  Statistical Grammar Development and Corpuslinguistic Information Extraction
11:00-12:30 Kuhn, Müller Grammar Development in constraint-based formalisms: HPSG und LFG
14:00-15:30 Kiss PERL for Linguists
16:00-17:30 Reetz From the Speechsignal to the Word


Happenings, September 10-21


  First Week Second Week
Monday 9:00 Welcome by the Rektor of the University of Konstanz 
Room G309

18-19 Reception, City of Konstanz
Welcome by Mayor Maas in the Winery Spitalkellerei Konstanz
Brückengasse 16

Tuesday 19-21 Invited Talk: 
Louisa Sadler and Ana Luìs (Essex)
Object Pronouns in European Portuguese and the Morphology-Syntax Interface
Room G201

Followed by a Reception and Book Display 

Wednesday   18-20 Invited Talk: 
Mary Dalrymple (Xerox PARC) 
Modification at the Syntax-Semantics Interface
Room G201

Followed by a Reception and Book Display

Thursday 18-19 Demo
Martin Volk and Simon Clematide (Zürich)
Shallow Parsing and Corpus Annotation
Room G201
18-20 Demos 
Mary Dalrymple (Xerox PARC) 
`Glue' Semantics: The Syntax-Semantics Interface in LFG

Michael Schiehlen (IMS, Stuttgart)
Semantic Construction
Room G201

Friday 18-19 Demo
Kurt Eberle (linguatec) 
Machine Translation: new developments with Personal Translator
Room G201
19-1 Final Get Together 
Rheingold Terrace


The Weekend

Saturday, 15.9
Sunday, 16.9
Demo Day
Information at the Registration Office
19- Fall School Party  

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