Accomodation tends to be a problem in Konstanz because of its great attraction for tourists. In order to help out, we have made some arrangements for fall-school students with the local youth hostel and some hotels in Konstanz. Since the offer will be restricted you are recommended to consult the homepage of the Welcome Center of the University of Konstanz for additional information about accomodation in and around Konstanz.

Humboldt Institut Konstanz

The Humboldt Institut in Konstanz has reserved eight double rooms until August 9th, 2009, but normally they have more rooms available in September. Please get in contact with Andrea Seeler, University of Konstanz. Depending on your age, prices range from 30 to 40 Euro per night (breakfeast included).

Gästehaus Centro

The Gästehaus Centro (Bahnhofplatz 4, 78462 Konstanz) has reserved eight double rooms until the end of March 2009. Prices range from 55 to 72 Euro (single room) and 65 to 95 Euro (double room). In case you want to book there (Tel: +49 (0)7531 457 18 18, Fax: +49 (0)7531 - 457 18 19, Email:, refer to University of Konstanz and Andrea Seeler.

Hotel Viva, Litzelstetten

The modern hotel Viva - paradise island is located in Litzelstetten, a nice suburb of Konstanz, located very close to university and with regular bus connections to university and town. We have reserved 8 double rooms until July 15, 2009 for the special price of 100 Euro per night/room (breakfast Morning Star included). Please refer to University of Konstanz and Andrea Seeler when booking.


There is the possibility to rent apartments for up to 4 people in the middle of town. In case you're coming on your own, please contact oana dot seeler at gmx dot net and she can find a group of people willing to share a flat. To get an idea of how the apartments look like, check

Another apartment can be found here: Unfortunately, we couldn't make a reservation for that one, so please book as early as possible.

Another service is provided by Casamundo, offering a wide variety of houses, appartments and hotels. You can search the German or the English webpage.


Konstanz also offers possibilities for camping. If you want to live cheap and love your tent, it may pay to look into this option at the Tourist Information of Konstanz.

Apartment Sharing

Furthermore, there is the possibility of staying in the room of a student, who is not there during the time of the fall school. This could be a room in a shared flat or a single apartment. The price will probably range from 150-200 Euros.

Since the availability depends on how many students are willing to rent their room to a fall school participant, please send an Email to Andrea Seeler and she will put you on a waiting list.

We are continuing to look for more types of reasonable housing accomodation, so please do keep checking the website.