Workshop on
Non-Canonical Questions and Interface Issues

17th - 19th of February, 2014
at the Kloster Hegne, Germany

picture Kloster Hegne

Schedule Venue Accommodation Dinner(s) Contact

Dinners and General Sustenance

Sunday Evening

Nothing official is scheduled for Sunday evening.

The hotel has a restaurant that is opend from 6 pm to 9 pm. There is no bar in the hotel as such, but one can order drinks at the reception and/or go sit in the hotel's Club Room, where drinks are also available via self-service.

Hegne is just a small village. You will not be able to shop there.

However, there is a restaurant of some repute one can go to. It specializes in Schnitzels: Meisterklause. It is located up the hill from the hotel at the edge of the village.

Monday Evening

Dinner will be at the hotel.

Tuesday Evening

We will go for an excursion to Konstanz by train and have dinner at the SeeRhein.

Wednesday Afternoon and Evening

No official schedule.