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Practical Particulars

How to get to Konstanz


If you have not booked accommodation yet, or have not had it booked, do so quick, for this seems to be a busy weekend, touristically or academically. Here is the web address of the local Tourist Information: http://www.konstanz.de/tourismus/ OR
http://www.fmi.uni-konstanz.de/~luethke/hotels.html   OR

How to get back home

Proceed as above, only in reverse. 


Bring 40. Don't bring overhead projectors and/or beamers!

Any Further Questions?

contact the conference organisers


ably assisted by irene.wolke@uni-konstanz.de

Tel: +49-(0)7531-88.3579 (Irina)
Tel: +49-(0)7531-88.2656 (Frans)
Tel: +49-(0)7531-88.4166 (Irene)

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last updated: 7.5.2001
Thomas Schöneborn