Warming Up

For those around on Thursday evening, 10 May, we'll meet
at the restaurant of the Hotel Barbarossa for supper, drinks, and chat, from
8 pm on.  Hotel Barbarossa is easy to find, and every local you ask is
likely to know it (of course, it's the tourist season and few of those you
might ask will be locals).  It is in the town center:  from Marktstaette (a
major square close to the lake and the Bahnhof), go into Kanzleistrasse
(opposite direction from lake), and after 100 meters you'll be on
another, smaller square, called Obermarkt, whose most conspicuous house
(with a painted facade) is the hotel.  The restaurant is on the first
floor (second if you count the ground as first).  There is a map of Konstanz on the web.

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updated: 9.5.2001
Thomas Schöneborn