Konvens 2006 Hotel Reservations

Below is a list of hotels. Please be sure to make a reservation fairly early. Konstanz is a prime tourist destination.

Internet Access: Very few hotels have internet access. However, there will be internet access at the university (computer room+ wireless) and several of the cafes and (Irish) pubs allow for free internet access (MacDonalds as well).

The area of town called "Staad" is fairly close to the university (there is a bus, No. 4) and is very close to the ferries and the lake. One can walk to the university through our version of meadows.

  1. Here is a list of hotels.  

  2. In addition, there are many other hotels and also holiday apartments available. You can try this link for a full listing, though the information is all in German. Note that you could also go camping (bring your tent, pitch it by the lake, have a barbeque, etc.)  

  3. Finally, we are arranging for crash space for students or other persons with little money. If you are interested in this option, please send us an email.