Here is some local information in pdf-format (ca. 2 MB)

The town of Konstanz (Constance)

Due to its relatively mild climate and its location by the huge Bodensee, Konstanz (Constance) is a very popular tourist spot. A brief introduction and history of the town is available here in English. Information in German can be found here and here. Click here to see beautiful snaps of Konstanz and the area around the Bodensee.

Getting to Konstanz

The nearest airports are Zurich (Switzerland) and Stuttgart. There is also a low-cost airport in Friedrichshafen. Ryan Air flies there cheaply, for example. Here is a brief description on how to get to Konstanz.

The Food Scene and hanging out in Konstanz

The university is situated on a hill away from the town center. There are therefore no restaurants located at a convenient distance. The Mensa and Cafeteria provide warm food, salats, snacks, and beverages at a reasonable price. The Cafe Arche, which is located in the university building itself, is open Monday to Friday from 11.30 to 23.00.

Here is a map of the Bodensee area. Currently, you can click on Konstanz, Mainau, Lindau, Bregenz and St. Gallen for more information.