LFG06 Reservations LFG06 Preconference Activities

We are planning some pre-conference activities for Saturday, 8th of July and Sunday, 9th of July. Please let us know as soon as possible which of these activities you want to sign up for (some of them depend on getting enough people together). Also let us know if you are bringing someone with you, so that we can reserve places for the right number of people. Prices will depend somewhat on the sizes of the groups.

Saturday, July 8th

Saturday there will be a choice between a hike, either in the Swiss Alps (1),
or a visit to the beautiful baroque library in St. Gallen, Switzerland (2).

You can also decide to check out the university during its "Open Door Day". There are many activities and talks which give a good insight into our university.

The tour is a roundtrip in the Pre-Alpine hills of Appenzell, a region of Eastern Switzerland, close to Konstanz. It begins at a small town with beautiful houses from the 18th century and culminates on a hilltop with a splendid view, provided that the weather is clear.

The hike is moderately strenuous and does not require any specific skills. It will take place under almost all weather conditions.

Note: Participants must have the right to enter Switzerland.

The route: Trogen - Gäbris - Trogen.
Walking time: ca. 4 hours.
Difference in elevation: 380 m.
Gear: light hiking shoes, rain-coat, water supply.
Food: There is a Gasthaus on top of the hill, where simple meals are served.
Meeting place: Konstanz, in front of Pianohaus Faust, St. Stephansplatz 23 (in the historical center).
Meeting time: Saturday, July 8, preferred time 7:30 a.m..
Transportation: in private cars.
ID and currency: Bring your passport or identity card. Swiss Francs can be bought at railroad stations.
Signing up: Please sign up by Wednesday, July 5, so we can organize the transportation.
Contact: Christoph Schwarze

Office: christoph.schwarze@uni-konstanz.de
Home: cschwarze@econophone.ch

If the weather conditions should be such that you doubt whether the hike can take place, please call 0041 71 669 21 36 on Friday, July 7, between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. for information.

For some views, visit http://www.appenzeller-wanderwege.ch/pages/fotoalbum.htm

(2) Visit to St. Gallen, a UNESCO world cultural heritage city

For this trip we will take a bus, travelling about an hour to St. Gallen. Here we will tour the abbey library, the oldest library in Switzerland and one of the oldest and largest monastic libraries in the world. Other tourist draws are the abbey itself, the cathedral and the adjacent old town, where many of the well-preserved buildings feature the city's distinctive carved oriel windows.

For the library, visit: http://www.stibi.ch/index.asp?lang=EN
For the town, visit: http://www.st.gallen-bodensee.ch/de/welcome.cfm
For the abbey, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbey_of_St._Gall

Organizational information for Saturday activities:

The St. Gallen group will meet at Imperia statue in the harbor of Konstanz (see i on the map we sent around) at 10:30 a.m.

In case of rain, the hiking group can either join the St. Gallen group or become wet. If the rain is only light we may decide to start walking anyway. In any case, dress for the occasion according to the weather.

Sunday, 9th July

Sunday we offer linear precedence instead of immediate dominance:

(1) Excursion to Meersburg and its castle with boat and bus, directly followed by

(2) Hike to Hagnau through the vineyards, followed by.

(3) Optional visit to Mainau Island

(1) We travel first with a ferry from Konstanz-Staad to Meersburg, a trip of about 20 minutes, where we will tour the Old Castle, built around the oldest, still inhabited fortress in Germany, complete with suits of armor and a dungeon and offering a tour of upper-class European life from aound 800 to 1850 A.D . This tour, in English, takes around an hour.

(2) Then we stroll though the village of Meersburg, with picturesque streets and a small baroque palace next to the Old Castle. The walk to Hagnau takes about an hour, offers grand views of the lake and involves little climbing. In Hagnau we can get refreshment and taste some Lake Constance wines. At 15:22 (3:22 pm) we board a boat back to Konstanz, arriving at 16:02 (4:02 pm).

(3) Those who would like to see more can change boats at Meersbug and travel to Mainau Island, a beautiful arboretum with a castle, scenic walks and an excellent Swedish restaurant (reservations may be necessary). Mainau visitors can return to Konstanz on a city bus that runs every half hour.

The cost for the ferry, the Old Castle and the boat back to Konstanz will be around 15 Euros. Admission to Mainau Island is an additional 12 Euros; after 4 pm, half price.

For the Old Castle, visit: http://www.meersburg.de/c-sys-en/modules/cms/usage.main.php5?cPageId=193
For the baroque palace: http://www.schloesser-magazin.de/eng/objekte/me/me01e.php
For the Mainau Island: http://www.mainau.de/htdocs/en/0101.htm

Organizational information for Sunday excursions

We will meet at the Imperia statue at the lake (see i on the map we sent around) at 10:15 a.m. We will take the No. 1 bus from the bus stop Konzilstrasse at 10:47, and the ferry to Meersburg at, or somewhat after, 11:05. Participants who are staying near the university may prefer to go directly to the ferry landing and wait for the others.

Sunday evening, 9th July

We have reserved seats for our group at the Restaurant Seerhein, which is right by the old car bridge (where the train goes over). Here is map. We will start meeting there as of 19:00 to watch the World Cup Final!

If you are also interested in watching the game on Saturday, just go into any pub.