LFG06 Hotel Reservations

Your priority should be to reserve a room for the duration of the conference. Konstanz is a prime tourist destination (though mostly for German tourists, which is why everything is in German) and so rooms will be filling up quickly.

Internet Access: Very few hotels have internet access. However, there will be internet access at the university (computer room+ wireless) and several of the cafes and (Irish) pubs allow for free internet access (MacDonalds as well).

There are several ways to make a reservation.

  1. Sign up via the on-line form provided by the Konstanz Tourist Information Office.

    The tourist information office has reserved a block of rooms for us: 18 doubles and 54 singles. Since July is heavy tourist season, not many hotels were willing to reserve rooms for a special price so far in advance. Below we provide a list of the hotels that have rooms reserved for us.

    The area of town called "Staad" is fairly close to the university (there is a bus, No. 4) and is very close to the ferries and the lake. One can walk to the university through our version of meadows.

    This "official" list of hotels is as follows (with links, where possible):

    You can cancel any reservation you make with the tourist information until June 6th. After that your reservation is binding!

  2. The following is a list of hotels that we have had some experience with and that are quite good. It should still be possible to reserve rooms with them, though there are no guarantees!  

  3. In addition, there are many other hotels and also holiday apartments available. You can try this link for a full listing, though the information is all in German. Note that you could also go camping (bring your tent, pitch it by the lake, have a barbeque, etc.)  

  4. Finally, we are arranging for crash space for students or other persons with little money. If you are interested in this option, please send us an email.