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Workshop on Verbs, Arguments, and Polysemy

Konstanz, July 23-25, 2001




Monday, July 23

14.15 Welcome address

14.30   Wilhelm Geuder et al.:
             Introduction: Verbs, arguments, and polysemy

15.00   Charles Fillmore (Berkeley):
            Why FrameNet has made me a splitter

16.00   Coffee break

16.30   Hans Kamp & Antje Roßdeutscher (Stuttgart):

Presupposition Triggers:  What the Lexicon ought to say about them and how it should say that.
Tuesday, July 24

9.15       Dietmar Zaefferer (München):
               Lexical grammar or grammatical lexicon?

10.15     Jaume Mateu (Barcelona):
               The elasticity of verb meaning and the locative alternation

11.15      Coffee break

11.45      Irene Rapp (Tübingen):

The locative alternation in German: Semantic differences, semantic restrictions, and argument linking properties    [this talk had to be cancelled]

12.45      Lunch break

14.30      Christoph Schwarze (Konstanz):

Underspecification in the semantics of word formation: the case of denominal verbs of removal in Italian

15.30      Ingrid Kaufmann (Wuppertal):
                The Middle: interaction of argument structure and the referential properties of verbs

16.30       Coffee break

17.00      Richard Waltereit (Tübingen):
                Arguments, reanalysis, and polysemy: Diachronic changes in valency patterns

Wednesday, July 25

9.15      Beth Levin (Stanford) and Malka Rappaport Hovav (Jerusalem):
              Polysemy, Monosemy, and the Dative Alternation

10.15    Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton):
              Where are the benefits? A lexical-semantic examination of the Benefactive

11.15     Coffee break

11.45      David Dowty (Ohio):
              Meaning-changing lexical rules as semantic filters in argument alternations

The abstracts of the talks can be downloaded as a .ps-file (new: final, corrected version) :Click here

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