Sinn und Bedeutung VII


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from 7 pm: "Warming up" (with registration) in "Hafenhalle". See travel information.


All the conference will take place in Konstanz University in rooms E 402 ... E 404. Registration and Conference Office will be in E 405. (You will find signs in the University. Please visit also "local info" for more information how to reach the University; see also clickable map of the building)


room E 403 room E 404 room E 402

9.00-9.30:    Registration

9.30-11.00 Opening
Plenary Talk:
Wolfgang Klein: On times and arguments

11.00-11.30:    Coffee

11.30-12.15 Martin Schäfer: Before or After the Direct Object: German Adjectival Adverbs and the Syntax Semantics Interface Reinhard Muskens: The sense of the liar Luisa Marti: Maximal informativity and the analysis of association with focus

12.15-13.00 Irene Rapp: Das Partizip Präsens im Deutschen: Restriktionen für den prädikativen Gebrauch Patricia Cabredo Hofherr: Arbitrary readings of third person plural pronominals Kjell Johan Saebo: Presupposition and contrast: German "aber" as a topic particle

13.00-14.30:    Lunch

14.30-15.15 Jacques Lamarche: Be the one Daniel Hardt: Plural pronouns with quantified antecedents Carla Umbach: Anaphoric restriction of alternative sets

15.15-16.00 Yoria Agouraki: Future WH-Clauses in DP-Positions Helen de Hoop: On the interpretation of stressed pronouns Agnes Bende-Farkas: Comparing English and Hungarian focus

16.00-16.30:    Tea

16.30-17.15 Per Anker Jensen & Carl Vikner: Producer interpretations of the English prenominal genitive Janneke Huitink: DRT and the binding theory Andrea Gualmini, Luisa Meroni & Stephen Crain: Universally asymmetrical children

17.15-18.00 Claudia Maienborn: Why people can be tired in a car but not blond: A pragmatic explanation of "temporariness effects" Orin Percus & Uli Sauerland: The attitude binding generalization Heike Wiese & Maria Pinango: The SEM-CS distinction and its psychological reality: Evidence for semantic vs. conceptual priming in the mass/count domain

19.00:    Reception in "Rathaus", after that free time for dinner (restaurant plan under construction! ...)


room E 403 room E 404 room E 402

9.45-11.00 Plenary Talk:
Anna Szabolcsi: Captain Nonnemo travels to the Positive Pole, the Negative Pole, and Negative Concordia

11.00-11.30:    Coffee

11.30-12.15 Luis Alonso-Ovalle & Paula Menendez-Benito: Indefinites and quantification: the case of Spanish Andrew McIntyre: GET, directional PPs and lexical decomposition in syntax Holden Härtl: The conceptual inactiveness of implicit arguments: Evidence from particle verbs and object categorization

12.15-13.00 Richard Breheny: Exceptional-scope indefinites and domain restriction Torgrim Solstad: Towards the optimal lexicon Daniel Hole: Towards an account of extra arguments in syntax and semantics

13.00-14.30:    Lunch

14.30-15.15 Hana Filip: Bare plurals and bare singulars Tatjana Zybatow & Marko Malink: Verbklassen und Phasenpartikeln Bernhard Schwarz: On saying 'even' in German

15.15-16.00 Stefan Hinterwimmer: The quantificational variability of free relatives and plural definites Andreas Späth & Martin Trautwein: Events under negation Maria Aloni: Free choice in modal statements

16.00-16-30:    Tea

16.30-17.15 Gerhard Jäger: Specific Indefinites: presupposition accommodation by existential closure Kimiko Nakanishi: Monotonicity constraints on measure phrases and classifier phrases Rui Ribeiro Marques: Licensing and interpretation of n-words in comparative clauses

17.30-18.15 Business meeting: Gesellschaft für Semantik


room E 403 room E 404 room E 402

9.45-10.30 Francesca Panzeri: In the (indicative or subjunctive) mood Paul Dekker: Topical restriction and something else Peter Hallman: Two truth conditions for the English progressive

10.30-11.15 Michela Ippolito: On the semantic composition of subjunctive conditionals Lisa Brunetti: Is there any difference between contrastive focus and information focus in Italian? Monika Rathert: Universal and existential perfect in German

11.15-11.45:    Coffee

11.45-12.30 Richard Zuber: Conditionals and the dual of presupposition Alastair Butler: Locality contrasts and rebinding Kristin Eide: Modals and tense

12.30-14.00:    Lunch

14.00-14.45 Ede Zimmermann: What's in two names? Maribel Romero: On concealed questions and specificational subjects Fabrizio Arosio: Temporal homogeneity in Romance languages

14.45-15.30 Noor van Leusen & Reinhard Muskens: Construction by description in DRT Rob van Rooy: Relevance and questions Sergei Tatevosov: Quantized nominal arguments yielding cumulative verbal predicates: aspectual composition and NP semantics

15.30-15.45:    Tea

15.45-17.00 Plenary Talk:
Kai von Fintel: Unembeddable Meanings

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