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Teaching Linguistics Workshop
20-22 July 2009

University of Konstanz

Universitaet Konstanz

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Miriam Butt
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This workshop will be held at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz.

Background: This workshop follows up on recent initiatives by the German Linguistics Society DGfS to understand what needs to be done with respect to providing an understanding of linguistics to:
  • Teachers in Schools (Lehramtsinitiative)
  • A Lay Audience (see the new book Vernäht und Zugeflixt on the DGfS Webpage)

With respect to Computational Linguistics, efforts have been undertaken to provide a German language textbook and to provide a useful compilation of computational linguistics teaching material.

This workshop follows up and extends the existing initiatives by inviting scholars from all over the world to come together to talk about how best to teach and communicate linguistics to a variety of audiences (and whether one indeed should) and perhaps on how to use linguistic insights as a vehicle for conveying information about other fields.

Registration: There will be a registration fee of 10 Euro for non-student participants (invited participants excepted, of course).

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Sponsors: The DFG and the DGfS