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Studies on normal and impaired language acquisition in monolingual and bilingual children and adults

Date & Location

  • Date: July 12 & 13, 2012
  • Location:
    University of Konstanz, K7


Speakers / Titles

Valerie Shafer "Neural correlates of vowel processing development in monolingual and bilingual children: six months to four years of age"
Annick De Houwer "Bilingual Infants' Word Knowledge: A CDI Study"
Debbie Mills "Event-related potential studies of monolingual and bilingual infants"
Katrin Skoruppa "Word stress perception during the first year of life: A cross-linguistic study with Spanish-, French- and English-learning infants"
Tanja Rinker "Plural processing in Turkish-German children and adults"
Karen Mattock "Babbling babies: Development of utterance complexity in monolingual and bilingual infants"
Isabelle Barrière "The emergence of grammar in toddlers: evidence from different languages, modalities and contexts of acquisition"
Barış Kabak und
Elif Bamyaci
"Processing of gradient structures in bilinguals: ME measurement on agreement in Turkish"
Bettina Braun "Perceiving L2 intonational meaning - phonology vs. phonetics"
Öner Özçelik "A path for the L2 acquisition of stress"
Anne Gwinner und
Janet Grijzenhout
"Processing strong and weak syllables in German: The role of rhythm for monolingual and bilingual children"



  • mainly by the Zukunftskolleg,
  • also by the Universitätsgesellschaft.

For more information, please contact us at anne.gwinner(at)uni-konstanz.de or Nelly-Ann.Odenbach(at)uni-konstanz.de.
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