PhD reading group in semantics and pragmatics.


When: Monday, 1.30-3.00 p.m.

Where: Universität Konstanz, room G307

Attendance is usually restricted to doctoral students unless an event is marked with ☕ (but bring your own coffee).

Upcoming session

October, 2019


Last session

15th July, 2019

Talk by Laura Devlesschouwer (Universiteit Antwerpen & Université Libre de Bruxelles): A New Look at Grice’s (1975) 'Logic and Conversation’ ☕

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What we do at SuP

SuP is both a reading group and a forum for doctoral students to present their work. We welcome any presentations by PhD students from the Universität Konstanz, be it a data discussion, a talk or a practice talk for another venue. On top of that, SuP sometimes hosts talks by external researchers.

General information

Current organisers: Sandy Ciroux & Felix Frühauf

Email us at with any question or remark.

About the reading group

SuP was founded by Felicitas Enders, Andreas Walker, and Mark-Matthias Zymla.

Other former organisers: Erlinde Meertens, Gisela Disselkamp, and Yixiao Song.