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Talk by Laura Devlesschouwer (Universiteit Antwerpen & Université Libre de Bruxelles)

15th July, 2019

A New Look at Grice’s (1975) 'Logic and Conversation’ ☕

Miyagawa (2012)

8th July, 2019

Agreements That Occur Mainly in the Main Clause

Practice talk by Mark-Matthias Zymla (Universität Konstanz)

1st July, 2019

Aspectual Reasoning in LFG — A Computational Approach to Grammatical and Lexical Aspect

Eckardt (2012)

24th June, 2019

Hereby Explained: An Event-Based Account of Performative Utterances

Kratzer & Shimoyama (2002)

17th June, 2019

Indeterminate Pronouns: The View from Japanese

Yokoyama (2013)

20th May, 2019

Re-Evaluating the “Question” Marker ka in Japanese

Cable (2010)

13th May, 2019

The Grammar of Q: Q-Particles, Wh-Movement and Pied-Piping

Talk by Felix Frühauf (Universität Konstanz)

24th April, 2019

A Unified Analysis for German Infinitival Complementiser 'um'?

Practice talk by Ryan Bochnak (Universität Konstanz)

12th March, 2019

Lost in Translation: Can All Languages Express the Same Meanings? ☕

Fox (2006)

21st January, 2019

Free Choice and the Theory of Scalar Implicatures

Mayr (2014)

14th January, 2019

Intervention Effects and Additivity

Westera (2018)

10th December, 2018

Rise-Fall-Rise as a Marker of Secondary QUDs

Hacquard (2010)

3rd December, 2018

On the Event Relativity of Modal Auxiliaries

Practice talk by Erlinde Meertens (Universität Konstanz)

19th November, 2018

The Semantic Contribution of Continuation Rise in Interrogative and Declarative Lists ☕

Kotek (2016)

10th July, 2018

Covert Partial Wh-Movement and the Nature of Derivations

Talk by Izabela Jordanoska & Muriel Assman (Universität Wien)

3rd July, 2018

Towards an Unalternative Account of Focus Size in Morphologically Focus-Marking Languages ☕

Talk by Tharanga Weerasooriya (University of Ottawa)

26th June, 2018

The Grammar of the Particles -hari and -da in Sinhala ☕

Talk by Kajsa Djärv (University of Pennsylvania)

22nd May, 2018

Factivity: Evidential Inferences and Truth Projection ☕

Farkas & Roelofsen (2016)

8th May, 2018

Division of Labor in the Interpretation of Declaratives and Interrogatives

Talk by Mark-Matthias Zymla (Universität Konstanz)

24th April, 2018

Beyond Tense — Grammatical Aspect and Event Structure

Talk by Lelia Glass (Stanford University)

12th February, 2018

Postsuppositions Block Pragmatic Inferences: Evidence from the Mandarin Belief Verb Yiwei ☕

Practice talk by Arno Goebel (Universität Konstanz)

5th February, 2018

Decisions and Biscuits: Domain Goals in the Interpretation of Conditionals

Talk by Emily Hanink (University of Chicago)

29th January, 2018

Structural Sources of Anaphora ☕

Truckenbrodt (2013)

22nd January, 2018

Satztyp, Prosodie und Intonation

Condoravdi & Lauer (2012)

13th November, 2017

Imperatives: Meaning and Illocutionary Force

Kaufmann & Kaufmann (2012)

6th November, 2017

Epistemic Particles and Performativity

Truckenbrodt (2012)

30th October, 2017

On the Prosody of German Wh-Questions

Practice talk by Andreas Walker (Universität Konstanz)

25th July, 2017

Practice talk for his PhD defence

Talk by Yvonne Viesel (Universität Konstanz)

11th July, 2017

Information Structure in Wh-Questions. Evidence from Discourse Structure

Romero (2014)

4th July, 2017

High Negation in Subjunctive Conditionals and Polar Questions

Sudo (2011)

27th June, 2017

Biased Polar Questions in English and Japanese

Practice talk by Gisela Grohne (Universität Konstanz)

20th June, 2017

Aspectual Properties in Embedded Questions

Czipak & Zobel (2016)

13th June, 2017

Discourse Particle 'Denn' in the Antecedent of Conditionals

Gutzman (2003)

6th June, 2017

Compositional Multidimensionality and the Lexicon-Semantics Interface

Practice talk by Mark-Matthias Zymla (Universität Konstanz)

30th May, 2017

Cross-Linguistic Tense and Aspect Annotation

Practice talk by Erlinde Meertens (Universität Konstanz)

23rd May, 2017

Negative Alternative Questions

von Fintel (2008)

16th May, 2017

What Is Presupposition Accommodation, Again?

Beaver (2017)

9th May, 2017

Questions Under Discussion: Where Information Structure Meets Projective Content

Cipria and Roberts (2000)

28th February & 14th March, 2017

Spanish Imperfecto and Pretérito. Truth Conditions and Aktionsart Effects in a Situation Semantics

Talk by Elyse Jamieson (University of Edinburgh)

14th February, 2017

Isn't This a Rhetorical Question?!

Talk by Ramona Wallner (Universität Konstanz)

7th February, 2017

Definiteness and Inference in Discourse Prominence

Practice talk by Andreas Walker (Universität Konstanz)

31st January, 2017

Counterfactual Donkey Sentences

Matthewson (2004)

17th & 24th January, 2017

On the Methodology of Semantic Fieldwork

Practice talk by Felicitas Enders (Universität Konstanz)

10th January, 2017

"Doch" in Conditionals

Büring (2016)

6th December, 2016

Focus, Questions and Givenness

Talk by Erlinde Meertens (Universität Konstanz)

29th November, 2016

Scalar Implicatures for Modified Numerals. A Processing Study

Practice talk by Mark-Matthias Zymla (Universität Konstanz)

15th November, 2016

Annotating Tense and Aspect — A Crosslinguistic Perspective ☕

Practice talk by Felicitas Enders (Universität Konstanz)

8th November, 2016

"Doch" in Optatives ☕

Speas (2010)

25th October, 2016

Evidentials as Generalized Functional Heads

Practice talk by David Krassnig (Universität Konstanz)

1st September, 2016

Simple Even Hypothesis: Npis and Differences in Question. Bias — A Thought Experiment with Split Even ☕

Practice talk by Arno Goebel (Universität Konstanz)

25th August, 2016

The Pragmatic Ingredients to Get Perfect Biscuits ☕

Biezma & Rawlins (2012)

11th August, 2016

Responding to Alternative and Polar Questions

Talk by A. Marlijn Meijer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

28th July, 2016

Believing It vs. So. Propositional Proforms as Arguments of Clause-Taking Verbs ☕

Romero (2006)

30th June, 2016

Biased Yes/No Questions

Romero (2014)

2nd & 16th June, 2016

Fake Tense in Counterfactuals

Practice talk by Eva Csipak (Universität Konstanz)

9th June, 2016

Discourse Past ☕

Practice talk by Andreas Walker (Universität Konstanz)

19th May, 2016

Situations and Similarity: The Case of Counterfactual Donkeys ☕

Biezma (2014)

12th May, 2016

The Grammar of Discourse

Bhatt & Pancheva (2006)

28th April, 2016


Anderbois et al. (2013)

21st April, 2016

At-Issue Proposals and Appositive Impositions in Discourse

Talk by Joseph P. DeVeaugh-Geiss (Universität Potsdam)

14th April, 2016

That's Not Quite It: An Experimental Investigation of (Non-)Exhaustivity in It-Clefts ☕

Schlenker (2006)

7th April & 31st May, 2016

Ontological Symmetry in Language

Talk by Karen Duek (UC Santa Cruz)

24th March, 2016

Roads to Co-Predication: The View from Group Nouns ☕

Tonhauser (2015)

10th & 17th March, 2016

Cross-Linguistic Temporal Reference

Partee (1973)

3rd March, 2016

Some Structural Analogies Between Tenses and Pronouns in English

Faller (in press)

26th January, 2016

Reportative Evidentials and Modal Subordination