Workshop at the 40th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society

Stuttgart, Germany, 7 Ė 9 March 2018

News & Announcements

Preliminary programme: The preliminary workshop programme can be downloaded (here). Abstracts will be available on the website as soon as approved by the DGfS.

Invited speaker: Natalie Boll-Avetisyan (University of Potsdam) will be talking about "We got the beat: The role of biases, abstractions, and experience in prosody acquisition"

Note: Please check the DGfS conference website (40th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society) for information regarding registration, travel, accommodation etc.

Early-bird registration deadline: 15.01.18, use this link:

Workshop Description

This workshop focuses on the role of word stress in monolingual and bilingual language acquisition, from both a perception and production perspective. It aims to bring together phoneticians, phonologists and psycholinguists that are interested in the acquisition of prosody and its interaction with other domains of language learning. We will discuss the roles of acoustic and articulatory cues of word stress for learning one or more languages during early childhood. Topics under discussion are:

  • universal and language-specific acoustic cues for word stress and their use in acquisition processes

  • articulatory correlates of word stress used by young children and the differences to adult productions

  • word stress in bilingual acquisition

  • interaction of word stress with other linguistic phenomena, e.g. intonation

  • implications for language learning and for grammar (e.g., bootstrapping mechanisms, acoustic and articulatory cues for a model of grammar)

Workshop Programme

The final workshop programme will be available by the end of November. For the moment, our workshop is scheduled for Thursday, 8 March, 11:15-14:45 and Friday, 9 March 11:45-14:00. Here is the preliminary programme.

Abstract Guidelines

We kindly ask you to adapt the abstracts you submitted to us according to these (style sheets) (provided by the DGfS). The file should be named as follows, AG-14-Last Name of Speaker (e.g., AG-14-Grijzenhout.docx). Please make sure that your abstract will not exceed one page (maximally 150 words) as the DGfS committee wonít be able to print more than one page per abstract. The attached style sheets also give information about the format of the references: As you can see, references are possible but should not exceed more than 5 references altogether. Please send us the final version of your abstract until November 1st the latest. Note: If you would like you can additionally send us the long version of your abstract that we will publish on our workshop homepage.

Submission timeline:

Abstract revision deadline: closed (01.11.17)

Notification of acceptance: sent to authors (25.08.17)

Abstract submission: closed (08.08.17)

Information for presenters

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This workshop also contributes to the project Advancing the European Multilingual Experience (AThEME), funded by the European Unionís Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 613465.

The workshop is also part of the FOR 2111 on "Questions at the Interfaces".

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