WS 2017/18 Structure and History of English I (Introduction to the core areas of linguistics)
WS 2017/18 Morphology I
WS 2017/18 BA-colloquium
WS 2017/18 Finite State Morphology
SS 2017 Syntax I (LFG)
SS 2017 Structure and History of English III (Sociolinguistics)
SS 2017 Morphology II (Interfaces)
SS 2017 Corpus linguistics and text processing with Perl (with K. Kalouli)
WS 2016/17 Morphology I
WS 2016/17 Structure and History of English I (Introduction to Linguistics, with J. Grijzenhout)
SS 2015 Phonology I
SS 2009 Finite State Morphology (with M. Butt)

Teaching assistant:

WS 2005/2006 Text Processing with Python (M. Butt)
SS 2006 Grammar Development (XLE) (M. Butt)
WS 2007/2008 Machine Translation (M. Butt)
March 2008 Grammar Development (XLE), Istanbul, Turkey (M.Butt)
April 2009 Grammar Development (XLE), Zadar, Croatia (M.Butt)


WS 2006/2007 Finite State Morphology for some colleagues
Finite State Morphology
Tutorial during the CLT09-conference in Pakistan.