Prof. Dr. Bettina Braun
Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft
Universität Konstanz

Forschungsinteressen (research interests)

My research interests lie in the phonetics and phonology of intonation, particularly the processing of contrast, the mental representation of intonation (in infants, adults, and non-natives), the integration of segmental and suprasegmental information during speech comprehension, the effect of the native language prosodic system on second language acquisition.

Information on current reserach projects can be found on my projects page.



Materialien (experimental materials)

HERE you can find a selection of the experimental sentences of Braun & Taliapietra (2010). The role of contrastive intonation contours in the retrieval of contextual alternatives. Language and Cognitive Processes.

HERE you can find materials accompanying the submission of Turco, Dimroth, & Braun



last updated: 22.04.2010