Exercise 2, Grammar Development

Feature Unification, Testsuites, Templates with Arguments

Download grammar2.lfg and take a good look at it. Either work with this grammar or with your own grammar. Expand your grammar (or grammar2.lfg) so that the following sentences also work:

These sentences should not work: the girl give the gorilla bananas, gorillas devours bananas, gorilla devour bananas, gorillas devours banana. That is, make sure that subject-verb agreement works right and that singular count nouns appear with a determiner.

Note that there are several ways to formulate constraints on f-structures.

Create a testsuite of sample sentences and keep testing your progress with respect to the testsuite (see XLE Documentation for many details).

The verb give ist a three-place verb. Assume the following subcateogrization frame: SUBJ, OBJ, OBJ2. NB: the object is always to the right of the verb in English.

Your grammar should contain the following:

Please submit your exericses to Maike Müller (uni konstanz Addresse) by the 13.5.2014 at 10 am.