Exercise 4, Grammar Development

Adjectives and Adverbs

Expand your grammar so that it includes Adjectives and Adverbs. That is, the following sentences should also work.

You will need to add adverbs to your lexicon and make sure that you expand your rules to allow adverbs. Note that you should also change your treatment of adjectives, so that you have something like the following:

NP --> (D)
       AP*: ! $ (^ ADJUNCT);

AP --> Adv*: ! $ (^ ADJUNCT);

That is, you should introduce an Adjective Phrase (AP) and allow adverbs to modify adjectives within this AP.

PPs and constraining equations

The grammar grammar5.lfg already contains a start on implementing PPs. Overall, you should be able to treat three kinds of PPs: Adjuncts (with semantic Ps), OBLs with both semantic and non-semantic Ps.

The following sentences should work. Note that some of them will get more than one possible reading. This is okay as long as the correct one is among them. We will learn next time how to constrain the space of possibilities.

Note that in addition to the PPs in the VP, which are already there to some extent in grammar5.lfg, you are required to provide for the possibilities of PPs within an NP.

Please submit your exericses to Maike Müller (uni konstanz Addresse) by the 27.5.2014 at 10 am.

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