Exercise 7, Grammar Development

Long Distance Dependencies: Control

Control: COMPs and XCOMPs

Integrate COMPs and XCOMPs into your grammar. The following sentences should work:

You will need to expand your grammar rules along the lines shown below. Your VP rule will, of course, be more complex than that shown here since you need to be able to do simple sentences as well (all the types that you can already do).

S --> NP VP.

VP --> V { (NP) VPinf | CP}.

VPinf --> PARTinf VP.

CP --> C S. 

Hint: below is the tree commonly assumed for control constructions.

	    /   \
          /       \
        NP           VP 
        |          / \  \ 
      John       V    \   \
	    persuaded   NP  \
	    promised   / \    \
	              D   N    \
                     the cat  VPinf 
                              /  \
                         PARTinf  VP 
                           to    /  \
	                        V    NP
                               eat   |

Note also that your grammar (probably) does not contain names yet. Write an extra template to take care of names. They should be "NTYPE name", rather than "NTYPE count" (which is what you have now for count nouns).

Remember that control is considered to be lexically encoded. So remember to add control equations to the lexical entries for persuade, promise, want in the manner that is appropriate. Verbs selecting for a COMP don't contain a control equation (of course).

For example:

said   V * { (^ PRED) ='say<(^ SUBJ)(^ COMP)>'
	       |(^ PRED) = 'say<(^ SUBJ)(^ OBJ)>'}

convince  V * (^ PRED) = 'convince<(^ SUBJ)(^ OBJ)(^ XCOMP)>'
	      (^ OBJ) = (^ XCOMP SUBJ)

try 	  V * (^ PRED) ='try<(^ SUBJ)(^ XCOMP)>'
	      (^ SUBJ) = (^ XCOMP SUBJ)

Recursive Embedding

Make sure that your grammar allows for recursive embedding (it should already). The following sentences should work:

  1. John persuaded Mary to want to eat beans.
  2. John wanted Mary to think that Bill persuaded Kim to eat beans.
  3. John thought that Mary wanted Bill to think that Kim wants to eat beans.


Finally, you should also start work on your projects. Start determing what phenomenon you want to work on and be prepared to have a specific idea on what you want your project to be on by July 4th. If you have questions or need comments, send me an email.

Please submit your exericses and your testsuite to Maike Müller (uni konstanz Addresse) by 17.6.2014 at 10 am.

Relevant Reading Material

Dalrymple (2001), Relevant parts of Chapter 12.