Grammar Development with LFG/XLE

This course teaches the basics of how to do grammar development in LFG using the XLE grammar development platform. It is freely available and consists of a set of video recordings accompanied by PDF slides, sample grammars and a set of exercises. The exercises proceed step by step, providing learners with an opportunity to continually expand the grammars and to experiment with them.

The course requires a working installation of XLE on a computer that you can use. The first session provides a general introduction to LFG/XLE and has the successful installation of XLE as an exercise, providing all the necessary links and information.

Grammar Development On-Line

The video recordings for the entire course can be found here.

The sessions typically consist of one recorded lecture, a pdf file of the slides and a set of grammar files. There is a total of 10 Sessions.

The grammar and testfile files have been rendered as HTML. You should be able to just copy and paste the content into an editor of your choice and then use the files with XLE. Alternatively, download the file and remove the HTML codes at the beginning (up to and including "pre") and then at the end of the file.