V --> V-S_BASE "verb stem, e.g. run"
 	 V-POS_BASE "suffix saying that this is a verb: +Verb"
 	 { TNS_BASE "tense suffix, e.g. +Pres" 
 	   PERS_BASE "person suffix, e.g. +3sg"
	 | ASP_BASE}.   "aspectual information"

   Adj --> ADJ-S_BASE "adjective stem, e.g. small"
 	  ADJ-POS_BASE."suffix saying that this is a adjective: +Adj"

  N --> N-S_BASE     "noun stem - guessed by unknown entry"
         {N-POS_BASE  "suffix saying that this is a noun"
	 |PROP_BASE   "or: suffix this is a proper noun"
	 {GIV_BASE    "and then: either given name"
 	  GEND_BASE   "and gender tag"
	 |FAM_BASE}}  "or family name"
         NUM_BASE.    "all nouns have a number tag"