DGfS AG6: The prosody and meaning of (non-) canonical questions across languages

Daniela Wochner, Nicole Dehé, Bettina Braun, Beste Kamali & Hubert Truckenbrodt

Call for Abstracts
37. Jahrestagung der DGfS
Invited speakers
Sigrid Beck (Universität Tübingen)
Nancy Hedberg (Simon Fraser University)
  14:00 Daniela Wochner & Jana Schlegel (Konstanz)  
    The prosody of rhetorical questions  
  14:30 Meghan Armstrong (UMASS Amherst)  
    The early rise-fall as a marker of positive epistemic bias in American English  
  15:00 Kambiz Elhami (Université Blaise Pascal)  
    Reversed polarity questions (RPQs) in American films: corpus based study of relationships of prosodic features and discourse-pragmatic values  
  15:30 Olga Kellert (Göttingen)  
    The contribution of particles to the rhetorical question interpretation: a case study of Italian particles  
  16:00 Pause  
  16:30 Jan Michalsky & Jörg Peters (Oldenburg)  
    Pitch scaling as a marker of interrogativity in canonical questions of German  
  17:00 Martina Wiltschko & Johannes Heim (UBC Vancouver)  
    Requesting Confirmation with Intonation and Sentence-Peripheral Discourse Markers  
  17:30 Nancy Hedberg (Simon Fraser University)  
    Non-canonical question intonation in American English  
  9:00 Hubert Truckenbrodt & Beste Kamali (ZAS Berlin)  
    On wh and F in German and Turkish  
  9:30 Diana Forker (Bamberg)  
    Question, focus and modality in Nakh-Daghestanian:The case of Sanzhi Dargwa  
  10:00 Miriam Butt, Tina Bögel & Farhat Jabeen (Konstanz)  
    Immediately Postverbal Questions in Urdu/Hindi  
  10:30 Peter Öhl (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)  
    Interaction of Scope and Modality: Wh-Words, Negation and Interrogativity in English, German and Persian  
  11:00 Pause  
  11:30 Daniel Gutzmann (Frankfurt) & Robert Henderson (Wayne State University)  
    Expressive questions, much?  
  12:00 Sigrid Beck (Tübingen)  
    Interpretation of echo-questions  
  11:30 Frank Kügler (Potsdam)  
    Focal lowering in German interrogatives  
  12:00 Tatjana Scheffler (Potsdam)  
    Meaning variations in German tag questions  
  12:30 Dina El Zarka & Anna Gazdik (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz)  
    Question Words as Topics and Foci in Hungarian Multiple Questions  
13:00Jane Kühn (Potsdam)
The prosody of information structure in monolingual and biluingual Turkish yes/no questions
  13:30 Final discussion  
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