Nicole Dehé
The intonation of the Icelandic other-initiated repair expressions Ha 'Huh' and Hvađ segirđu/Hvađ sagđirđu 'What do/did you say'
Nordic Journal of Linguistics  38(2), 2015, pp 189-219. 

It has been shown in the literature that crosslinguistically, the other-initiated repair element huh is typically realised with rising intonation. Icelandic has exceptional status in this respect in that it has falling intonation with Ha ('huh'). The literature claims that it is language-specific interrogative prosody that accounts for this exceptional status of Icelandic. More specifically, it argues that falling intonation is the default for questions in Icelandic and that the other-initiated repair interjection shares its intonational features with interrogatives. The aim of this paper is twofold. First, using map task data, it confirms previous results for the intonation of Icelandic Ha, and in addition shows that its more complex relative Hvađ segirđu?/Hvađ sagđiru? ('What do/did you say?') is realised with falling intonation, as well. Both expressions are realised with a H* pitch accent followed by downward pitch movement to L%. Second, the paper argues against the assumption that question prosody is enough to account for the Icelandic pattern for a number of reasons, and it suggests instead that Ha and Hvađ segirđu are in fact not specifically marked in intonation, but are realised with a combination of pitch accent and boundary tone found across utterance types in Icelandic.