KONVENS 2016 tutorial coming up
KONVENS 2016 will host a tutorial on 'Visual Analytics for Computational Linguistics' on September 22, held by Dominik Sacha and me. The program can be found here.

VisArgue talk at the University of Hamburg
Representing the VisArgue project once more, I presented the results in the lecture series Dynamic data visualization and exploration for the Humanities on July 7, 2016. The talk is online here!

VisLR II Workshop @ LREC16
LREC16 has hosted the second edition of VisLR II workshop "Visualization as added value in the development, use and evaluation of LRs", organized by VisArgue project members Mennatallah El-Assady and Annette Hautli-Janisz and EURAC Bozen researcher Verena Lyding. The program can be found here!