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SFB 471: Variation and Evolution in the Lexicon

Project A–23:
Variation and morphophonological change
in West Germanic

general information

Project A-23 is funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) as part of the SFB 471.
It has grown out of the research conducted in project A-4 since the beginning of this SFB and has been running since January 2006.

research areas

Phonology, Phonetics, Morphology, Historical Linguistics

project leader | prof. aditi lahiri

Aditi Lahiri has been project leader of A-4 since the very beginning in January 1997. She will remain project leader until the end of the project in December 2008 even though she has just recently left the University of Konstanz for greener fields at the University of Oxford. Here she is professor of linguistics and fellow of Somerville College.

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