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Dr. Astrid Kraehenmann

astrid Kraehenmann

research fellow | dr. astrid kraehenmann

Dr. Astrid Kraehenmann received her BA (with high distinction) and MA degrees, specializing in Linguistics and majoring in Anthropology, from the University of Toronto. Her research on the phonology of Swiss German in comparison to Standard German began while she was at Toronto (MA thesis: “What a difference the nature of the fortis–lenis distinction makes”). She wrote her dissertation at the University of Konstanz, defended it summa cum laude in December 2001, and published it in 2003 (Quantity and Prosodic Asymmetries in Alemannic: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives). Her research deals with phonological, morphological, and historical aspects of prosodic structure in Alemannic and Germanic languages in general.

Dr. Kraehenmann has been working in project A-4 of the SFB 471 as a research scholar from January 1998 to August 2004. After her one-year appointment as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Dr. Kraehenmann rejoined the SFB 471 in the fall of 2005 (in A-4) and started in the new project A-23 in January 2006.

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