Project B01

The contribution of prosody to the identification and visualisation of deliberative communication

Principal Investigators: Katharina Holzinger
Daniel Keim
Maribel Romero
Research Staff: Marius Bayer
Dominik Sacha

Project Description:
In the political science part of the project, the central proposition of the deliberative theory of democracy will be tested: in deliberative communication, actors give up on their individual preferences in favour of collective interests. In order to test whether this really does happen in deliberative argumentation, experimental negotiation games will be conducted. It is an essential aim of the project to develop an instrument for automated measurement of the communication, so as to be able to work with a large amount of text and to be able to visualize the results of the analyses. The goal is to develop linguistic operationalisations of deliberation in order to distinguish deliberative communication from non-deliberative communication. Computational tools can then be created for the automatic extraction of relevant features. In particular, we will couple this automatic extraction with methods from Visual Analytics in order to allow for an interactive hypothesis exploration and analysis construction.
Prosody is able to decisively contribute to the identification of the communicative function and to the disambiguation of certain utterances. The project part B01 therefore aims at connecting the prosodic attributes with the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic attributes on the basis of the spontaneous speech data from the negotiation experiments in such a way, that a more precise identification and measurement of deliberative communication succeeds.