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Issue CX: August 2017

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Topics of this issue:

This is the 110th issue of the Newsletter published by the department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz. It covers informations about the plans of the members of the department in August 2017 as well as short reports abut events, presentations, etc. in July 2017.

Leaving Konstanz

Constantin Freitag will move to Köln. From August 1st he will be member of the chair of Sophie Repp. We wish him all the best for the future!

Brian Leahy will leave Konstanz in the middle of August. He will move to Boston to start a PhD with Susan Carey and Jesse Snedeker in developmental psychology at the Harvard University. We say goodbye and wish the best of luck!

Sebastian Lory (né Sulger) will also leave the department in August to start a position as technical writer with the STAR AG in Ramsen, Switzerland. We wish him all the best for this new experience!

Successful PhD Thesis defences

On July 28th Andreas Walker successfully defended his PhD Thesis on "The world is not enough: situations, laws and assignments in counterfactual donkey sentences". The examining board consisted of María Biezma (chair), Maribel Romero and Ana Arregui (University of Ottawa). We cordially congratulate him!

Events at the Department

in August


in July

On July 4th Pauline Gibbons (The University of New South Wales, Sydney) gave a talk entitled "High challenge, high support classrooms: integrating language across the school curriculum". On August 5th she and Tanja Rinker held the workshop "Scaffolding academic language across the school curriculum: processes and outcomes of classroom-based research".

On July 6th, our former PhD student Ariel Gutmann was awarded the Konstanz price for the best dissertation of the year 2016. His thesis is on "Attrubutive Constructions in North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic: Typological and Historical Perspectives". Our warm congratulations!

Miriam Butt organized a 3-day workshop titled "Text-to-speech for Urdu: Understanding intonation". The workshop was held from 11th to 13th July. There were talks on syntax and intonation by the team of linguists visiting from Pakistan as well as Jana Neitsch, Sebastian Lory, Mark Zymla, and Christine Schaetzle from Konstanz.

Polina Drozdova (Radboud University Nijmegen) gave a talk with the title "Investigating perceptual learning in (non)native speech perception” on July 19th.

LFG Conference

The 22nd International Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) Conference took place at the Brigantinus in Konstanz from 25th to 28th of July and was organized by members of our local linguistics department (Miriam Butt, Annette Hautli-Janisz, Tina Bögel, Sebastian Lory, Christin Schätzle, Stefano Quaglia, Jessica Zipf and Katerina Kalouli) this year. Invited speakers were Geoffrey K. Pullum (University of Edinburgh) who talked about "The syntactic theory we all really want: some desiderata" on July 26th and Peter Sells (University of York) who gave a talk about "C-structure heads and the limits of head mobility" on July 25th. Moreover, there was a workshop on prominence-based agreement during the conference, organized by Alex Alsina, and on July 28th, Miriam Butt gave an XLE Tutorial. For the full program, click here.

Several members of the linguistics departments presented their work at the LFG conference:

  • Miriam Butt, Tina Bögel and Farhat Jabeen gave a talk on "Polar kya and the Prosody-Syntax-Pragmatics Interface".
  • Miriam Butt and Christin Schätzle moreover presented their work on "Dative Subjects and the Rise of Positional Licensing in Icelandic" together with Kersti Börjars and Hannah Booth from the University of Manchester.
  • Mark-Matthias Zymla and Sebastian Lory talked about "Cross-Linguistically Viable Treatment of Tense & Aspect in Parallel Grammar Development".
  • Jessica Zipf and Stefano Quaglia gave a poster presentation on "'Bare' wh-items vs. why in Italian“.

Department and Research Colloquium in July

06.07.Gillian Ramchand (University Tromsø): Situations and Syntactic Structures
13.07.Ricardo Etxepare (IKER, Laboratoire Langue et Textes Basques / Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour & Uni­versité Bordeaux-Montaigne): Functional Dependencies in Basque
20.07.Doctoral Candidate Presentations Janina Reinhardt (University of Konstanz): The morphosyntactic and intonational variation in interrogatives in French audio books
Alexandra Rehn (University of Konstanz): Adjectives in German(ic) and the Syntax of the DP - a diachronic and dialectal perspective
27.07.LFG Conference

Conferences, Workshops and Presentations

in August
  • Christin Schätzle will give a talk together with Hannah Booth (University of Manchester) on "Subjects, Case and Word Order Change in Icelandic: A Corpus Study" at the 23rd International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL) which is taking place in San Antonio from July 31st to August 4th.
  • Janina Reinhardt will talk about the didactic implementation of morphosyntactic and intonational variation in French as a foreign language: "Teaching interrogatives in FLE: Comment enseigner la variation morphosyntaxique et intonative des interrogatives directes?" at the AFLS Conference.
  • Talina Weber, Muna Schönhuber and Janet Grijzenhout will give a talk on "Intonation of polar questions produced by 2.5 to 4-year-olds" at the ProPro Workshop that takes place from August 31st to September 1st in Tübingen.
in July
  • Farhat Jabeen and Bettina Braun presented a poster on "What's in duration? Perception of narrow & corrective focus in Urdu/Hindi" at the Linguistics Society of America summer institute which was held from Juli 5th to August 1st in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Katharina Zahner, Muna Schönhuber, Janet Grijzenhout and Bettina Braun gave a talk in a symposium on "Song and Prosody for Early Language Acquisition“ at the 14th International Congress for the Study of Child Language (IASCL) that took place in Lyon from July 14th to 21st. The title of their presentation was "When high pitch matters most: Evidence for a pitch-driven segmentation mechanism“. The symposium was organized by Tineke Snijders (Radboud University).
  • Christin Schätzle gave a talk on "Design Space for Diachronic Linguistic Visualizations in Theory and Practice" at the conference Visualisierungsprozesse in den Humanities taking place at the University of Zürich, Switzerland from 17th to 19th July.
  • Anna-Maria Waibel from the Neurolinguistics group and Stefan Spiteri from the Schmieder Clinic gave a joint talk on an improved paradigm for N400 elicitation in apallic patients on 25th July at the research colloquium of the Lurija Institute in Allensbach.


At the 2017 EGG summer school from July 24th to August 4th in Olomouc, Czech Republic, Ryan Bochnak is teaching a class on tense in cross-linguistic perspective and part II of Introduction to Semantics. Eva Csipak is teaching a class on the semantics and pragmatics of discourse particles.

Regine Eckardt will be teaching at the Göttingen Spirit Summer School on Historical Linguistics with a focus on speech acts and sentence types. The course takes place from July 31st to August 4th, 2017 at Göttingen.

More News

Katharina Zahner, Ann-Kathrin Grohe (Tübingen), Nadja Schauffler (Stuttgart) are organizing a workshop on "Processing prosody across languages, varieties, and nativeness" that will be held at the University of Tübingen, August 31st to September 1st. The workshop is part of SpeechNet BaWü. Anne Cutler (MARCS Institute, Syndey) will give the key note talk. Other invited speakers are: Sarah A. Bibyk (Center for Language Sciences Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept. University of Rochester / Vanderbilt University), Kiwako Ito (The Ohio State University), Giuseppina Turco (Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie, UMR7018, CNRS/Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris). More information can be found on the workshop homepage. Interested members of the department are welcome.

Janet Grijzenhout, Monika Lindauer and Katharina Zahner are organizing a workshop at the DGfS, March 7th to 9th 2018, at the University of Stuttgart. The title is "Variable Perception and Production Correlates for Word Stress in First Language Acquisition and Child Second Language Learning“, Natalie Boll-Avetisyan will be the invited speaker speaker. Abstracts can be submitted here.

The proposal "Why Indeed? Questions at the Interface of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics" by Annette Hautli-Janisz, Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli (both Konstanz) and Tatjana Scheffler (Potsdam) was also accepted for DGfS 2018 in Stuttgart. The workshop website can be found here. They look forward to receiving submissions from Konstanz!

Publications by Members of the Department

  • Giusti, Giuliana. 2015. Nominal Syntax at the Interfaces. A Comparative Analysis of Languages with Articles. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Reviewed by Alexandra Rehn. 2017. In: Studia Linguistica, 71 (1-2).

Acquisitions of the Library

Abels, Klaus: Phases
Mathieu, Eric: Micro-change and macro-change in diachronic syntax
Miyagawa, Shigeru: Agreement beyond Phi
Chandler, Daniel: Semiotics
Leeds-Hurwitz, Wendy: Communication in everyday life
Antaki, Charles: Applied conversation analysis
Yakpo, Kofi: Boundaries and bridges
Robinson, Douglas: Translation and the problem of sway

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