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LIN 315 – Comparatives & Superlatives
Maribel Romero, Dr. phil., Professorin

Course Description

Comparative constructions like "taller than" and superlative expressions like "tallest" operate over a degree argument. The seminar will investigate the nature of this degree argument, the ways in which the degree operator has been argued to produce scopal effects (syntactic approach and pragmatic approach), and the interaction of the degree operator with other scopal elements, such as quantificational noun phrases and modal verbs.

Semesterplan: Syllabus

Readings & Lecture Notes

15.4.2008 Review: Basics of Formal Semantics
22.4.2008 Reading: Stechow 1984
Handout Introduction to Comparatives
29.4.2008 Review: Summary of formal language
We will finish Stechow 1984
6.5.2008 Review: Presupposition: A Brief Introduction
Review: Worlds: Modal Logic vs. Two-Sorted Type Theory
Reading: Heim 2001
13.5.2008 We continue our discussion of Heim 2001.
Handout on Heim 2001: The scope of the degree operator.
27.5.2008 We continue our discussion of Heim 2001.
3.6.2008 We finish Heim 2001.
New reading: Rullmann 1995, pp. 75-96 (Setion 2.5).
Handout on Rullmann 1995: On Seuren-Rullmann's ambiguity.
10.6.2008 Reading: Buering 2007: Cross-polar nomalies. Presented by Aljona.
17.6.2008 We start with Superlatives. Handout Introduction to Superlatives.
Exercise on Focus.
24.6.2008 We do the exercise on Focus.
We continue with superlatives. Optional reading: Heim 1995/1999: Notes on superlatives.
1.7.2008 We continue with superlatives..
8.7.2008 Reading: Shimoyama 2006. Indeterminate Phrase Quantification in Japanese, Natural Language Semantics. Presented by Marc Novel.
15.7.2008 Discussion on vagueness in positive and comparative adjectives lead by Robert Michels.

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