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LIN 315 – Hauptseminar: Aspekt
Prof. Miriam Butt and Prof. Maribel Romero

Course Description

This course investigates the semantics of inflectional aspect and lexical aspect (i.e. Aktionsart). Events are introduced as part of the semantic representations, and their algebraic properties are used to capture a number of empirical phenomena, such as: telicity, the mapping from individuals to events, event modification and measurement, the progressive, the perfective and imperfective, the relation between tense and aspect, etc. With respect to formalization and modeling, the course will also look at the historical development of aspect as well as computational models and implementations of aspect.

Schedule and room: Thursday 10-12h, G308

Start date: 30.04.2009

Language: German and English

Semester plan: Syllabus

Slides & Handouts

30.04.2009 Introducing and motivating the event argument of the verb. Landman 2000, ch 1.
Homework to be handed in at the beginning of next lecture: question 3 on page 3 of lectures notes.
07.05.2009 Events and Two Types of Aspect. Smith 1991, ch 4.
Homework to be handed in at the beginning of next lecture:
(i) Handout on Landman: Show why the analysis sketched in (40) for perception reports makes the wrong prediction for (42). That is, give the formulas corresponding to (42) and explain why the inference is predicted to be valid.
(ii) Handout on Smith: question 1.
14.05.2009 Imperfective and Progressive. Deo 2006, (ch 2 and) ch. 3.
28.05.2009 Diachronic Perspectives on Aspect (I). Bybee et al. 1994, Ch. 5.
If you would like to redo exercise 1 of homework 2 and get a new grade for it, click here.
04.06.2009 Diachronic Perspectives on Aspect (II). Deo 2006, Ch. 4 and 5.
18.06.2009 Deo's (2006) analysis of the Imperfective and the Progressive. Deo 2006, recap ch. 3, ch. 5.
25.06.2009 Aspectual Composition I: Mass / Count. Krifka 1989.
02.07.2009 Aspectual Composition II: Case. Kiparsky 1998.
On homework 5. Here you have the solution to question 1 and the reformulation of question 2, for you to repeat for a better grade.
09.07.2009 Computational perspective I.
16.07.2009 Temporal adjuncts.
Aspect and discourse.
23.07.2009 Computational perspective II.
10.08.2009 approx. KLAUSUR!!!


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