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Maribel Romero, Dr. phil., Professorin


Dieser Veranstaltung ist gedacht für die Studierenden (Lehramt Englisch, Lehramt Spanisch, usw), die im Frühling 2009 bei Prof. Romero Magister oder Staatsexamen machen werden. Die Themen werden von den Studierenden dargestellt und gemeinsam diskutiert..

Termin und Raum: Dienstag 12-14 Uhr in G420.

Sprache: Englisch und Spanisch

Bibliographie: Bibliographie für Lehramt Englisch Version Dec 9!, Bibliographie für Lehramt Spanisch

To access the electronic Semesterapparat Romero, click here.

Termine für Lehramt Englisch stehen in rot.
Termine für Lehramt Spanisch stehen in lila.

Termine & Handouts

21.10.2008 Plannung.
28.10.2008 MORPHOLOGY session 1:
Bauer, L. (1983). English Word-Formation, Chapter 2. Transparencies by Brigitte in Semesterapparat Romero.
Bauer, Laurie (1988/1994), Introducing Linguistic Morphology, Chapter 6 Inflection and Derivation & Section 7.2 Clitics. Handout by Johanna.
4.11.2008 LANGUAGE ACQUISITION (2ND) session 1:
Eckman, Fred R. On the Naturalness of Interlanguage Phonological Rules, in Language Learning Vol. 31:195-216. Handout by Phillip.
Eckman, Fred R. Markedness and the Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis in Language Learning Vol. 27: 315-330. Handout by Julia.
Houwer, Annick de (1995), Bilingual Language Acquisition in The Handbook of Child Language. Handout by Patrick2.
11.11.2008 MORFOLOGÍA sesión 1:
Hualde et al. cap 3., a cargo de Christina y Regine.
Hualde et al. cap 6., a cargo de Stefanie.
Semántica: capítulo sobre el Tiempo a cargo de Melanie.
Fonología: Hualde at al., cap. 2, a cargo de Regine.
Parte 3, Diacronía: Hualde et al. cap. 5, secciones 1-15, a cargo de Sina.
Parte 3, Variación: Penny sección 5.1, a cargo de Christina.
25.11.2008 LANGUAGE ACQUISITION (2ND) session 2:
Larsen-Freeman and Long (1991), An Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Research. Amsterdam. Chapter 4 Interlanguage studies: Substantive findings, pp. 81-113. Handout by Brigitte.
Sorace, A. (2000), Syntactic optionality in non-native grammars. Second Language Research 16: 93-102. Handout by Bettina.
Ionin, T., Ko, H. and Wexler, K. (2007), The role of semantic features in the acquisition of English articles by Russian and Korean speakers. In J. M. Liceras, H. Zobl and H. Goodluck (eds.), The role of formal features in second language acquisition. Routledge. 27pp. Handout by Niki.
2.12.2008 MORPHOLOGY:
Spencer, Andrew (1988/1996), Morphological Theory: An introduction to word structure in generative grammar, Chapter on compounds (chapter 8). Handout by Daniella.
Bauer, Laurie (1998), When is a sequence of two nouns a compound in English?, in English Language and Linguistics, Vol 2: 65-86. Handout by Christina.
Zwicky, Arnold M. & Geoffrey K. Pullum (1983), Cliticization vs. inflection: English n't. Language 59:502-513. Handout by Patrick1 (Andre).
Wardhaugh, Ronald. 2006. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. Chapter 3: Pidgins and Creoles. Presented by Patrick1.
Carnie, A. 2007. Syntax. A generative introduction. Blackwell. Chapter 2 (on subcategorization). Presented by Philip.
Ladusaw, W. (1996), Negation and polarity items. In Lappin, S. (ed.), The handbook of contemporary linguistic theory, Blackwell. Pp. 321-341. Presented by Patrick2.
16.12.2008 MORFOLOGÍA sesión 2:
Suner, M. El papel de la concordancia en las construcciones de reduplicaciones de cílticos, a cargo de Sina, Stefanie, Melanie.
23.12.2008 There is no class this day. [This means that we need to find another time slot for Julia and Michael to present on Morphology.]
Clark, Eve V. (1993), Chapter 3 in The lexicon in acquisition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1-83. AND Markman, E. (1994), Constraints children place on word meanings. In Bloom, ed., Language Acquisition. Core Readings. MIT Press. A combination of both presented by Abigail. CANCELLED!
Goodluck, Helen (1991), Language acquisition; A linguistic introduction. Oxford, UK; Cambridge, USA:Blackwell. Chapter 1 Intro: Ling and Lg Acq and chapter 2 Phonological Acquisition. Pp. 1-44. Presented by Daniela.
Gleitman , L. and Gleitman, H. (1992), A picture is worth a thousand words ?but that?s the problem. Current Directions in Psychological Science 1. Presented by Michael.
Halpern, Aaron L (1998), Clitics, in Spencer, A. & A. Zwicky (eds) Handbook of Morphology, Chapter 5: 101-122. Presented by Julia.
Papers to be presented by Abigail (1st), Daniela (1st), Michael (??) and Julia (Morpho).
Gutiérrez, M. M., & C. Silva-Corvalán, Clíticos del espanol en una situación de contacto. A cargo de Melanie, Stefanie y Sina.
Del latín al espanol: partes relevantes extraídas de Tagliavini, Carlo. Einfuehrung in die romanische Philologie. Tuebingen: Francke. A cargo de Regine.
El espanol y el francés: ???. A cargo de Melanie.
3.2.2009 MORPHOLOGY session 3:
Stockwell, Robert & Donka Minkova (2002), English Words: History and Structure: 56-80. Presented by Abigail. CANCELLED!
Marchand, H. (1969), The Categories and Types of Present-Day English Word-Formation: A Synchronic-Diachronic Approach. Muenchen: Beck. Chapter 2 (Compounding). Presented by Bettina.
Spencer, Andrew (1988/1996), Morphological Theory: An introduction to word structure in generative grammar, chapter on the place of morphology (chapter 11). Handout by Niki.
Papers to be presented by Niki, Bettina and Abigail.
Material to be presented by everybody.

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