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LIN 216 – Pragmatik II
Maribel Romero, Dr. phil., Professorin


This MA/LA seminar investigates the pragmatic properties of several constructions involving focal stress, including question-answer congruence in discourse and association with focus. Central to the seminar will be questions about in-situ vs. movement approaches to focus, the role of the Focus Phrase, direct vs. indirect association with focus, the phonology/pragmatics interface of focus, and implicatures (exhaustivity) and other effects (intervention) due to focus. Furthermore, the course will study the pragmatic properties of a related construction: contrastive topic. Finally, other relevant issues at the pragmatics/semantics interface will be presented (invited presentations).

Attention: This is not the course on which the written exam of Fall 2011 for English Lehramt will be based on. Candidates planning to write the exam on pragmatics should attend Pragmatics II (216)

Seminar: Donnerstag 10-12 (G307)


Syllabus und Material sind in Ilias verfuegbar.

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