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LIN 316 – Pragmatik III
Maribel Romero, Dr. phil., Professorin

Conventional Implicatures

This MA/LA seminar investigates conventional implicatures and, more generally, so-called 'expressive meaning', with emphasis on their pragmatic behaviour and on their impact on the syntax-pragmatics and prosody-pragmatics interfaces. Constructions standarly assumed to give rise to conventional implicatures, including discourse particles (e.g. German ja, wohl), will be investigated from different perspectives and in different languages. Furthermore, we will explore certain constructions that have been argued to carry some expressive meaning component, such as evidentials and slifting (e.g. May will come, I hope), as well as aspects of the form that convey other non-truth-conditional meaning, such intonational patterns in declarative and interrogative clauses.

Seminar: Dienstag 15:15 (G307)


Syllabus and material are available onIlias verfuegbar.

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