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LIN 314/315 – On the Syntax-Semantics Interface
Maribel Romero, Dr. phil., Professorin

Course Description:

This advanced seminar explores the division of labor betwen syntax and semantics in a Generative / Minimalistic framework, covering three different areas: (i) scope, (ii) reconstruction and connectivity effects, and (iii) ellipsis. For some phenomena, LF-based approaches and semantic approaches compete against each other to derive the empirical pattern. For some others, the data are derived from the interplay of syntactic and semantic constraints. By examining and evaluating all these approaches, the students will gain a deeper insight into the complex underpinnings of the syntax-semantics interface.

Time and room: Lecture on Tuesdays 10-12h in G420

Syllabus and course materials are available on Ilias

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