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LIN 315 – Semantics of Questions
Maribel Romero, Dr. phil., Professorin

Course Description:

This advanced seminar studies the semantics of different types of questions, including yes/no questions, constituent questions (with e.g. which student, how many students) and alternative questions. Particular attention will be paid to certain syntactic issues (e.g. lack of island effects), morphological make-up (e.g. distribution of question-marking particles) and phonological aspects (e.g. intonation) that have an impact on the compositional derivation of question meanings in different languages. Furthermore, we will investigate several aspects of the resulting question meaning, namely degrees of exhaustivity, quantificational variability, and epistemic bias.

Time and room: Tuesdays 10-11:30h in G307

Syllabus and course materials are available on Ilias

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