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  • Schätzle, Christin. 2015. Diachronic Visualization of V1 in Icelandic. Talk at the "Middle Indic Corpus Workshop" in Stanford, 18th May 2015.


  • Schätzle, Christin, Dominik Sacha and Miriam Butt. 2014. Diachronic Visualization of Oblique Subjects in Icelandic. Poster presentation at the Workshop on Big Data Visual Computing at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Informatik in Stuttgart, 22nd September 2014. ABSTRACT POSTER
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  • Schätzle, Christin. 2013. Genitive Reduction in German: A Corpus Linguistic Study. Talk at the JNU−Essex− Konstanz Workshop on Theoretical and Experimental Perspectives on Case Phenomena in New Delhi, India. 11 December 2013. SLIDES
  • Schätzle, Christin. 2013. Eine computerlinguistische Untersuchung des Genitivschwundes. Masterarbeit. Universität Konstanz. PDF

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