Christoph Schwarze, Dr. phil., Prof.

Lehrstuhl für romanische Sprachwissenschaft

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Sekretariat: Ulrike Brüning
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Research Interests

Romance linguistics

Biographical Information

*1935   Köthen (Germany)
1955-1960    University student at Marburg & Münster (Romance Philology, German Philology, Philosophy)
1958    French Government Scholarship
1960, 1964, 1966    Italian Government Scholarship
1961    Dr. phil. (U. Münster)
1961    Lecturer in French (U. Münster)
1970    Professor of Romance Philology (U. Kiel)
1975    Professor of Romance Linguistics (U. Konstanz)

A Selection of Recent publications


1998. "A Lexical-Functional Analysis of Romance Auxiliaries". Theoretical Linguistics. 24. 83-105.

1999. "Types of Lexical Variation". in: Hedda Weigand (ed.), Contrastive Lexical Semantics. Amsterdam - Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 187-207.

1999. "Lexical-Functional Morphology and the Structure of the Lexicon", in: Lunella Mereu (ed.). The Boundaries of Morphology and Syntax.Amsterdam - Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 49-95.

2001. Introduction à la sémantique lexicale. Tübingen: Narr.

2001. "Do sentences have tense?". in: Miriam Butt & Tracy Holloway King (eds.). The Proceedings of the LFG '01 Conference.University of Hong Kong. Workshop on Tense. CSLI Publications.

2001. "On the representation of French and Italian clitics". in: Miriam Butt & Tracy Holloway King (eds.). The Proceedings of the LFG'01 Conference.University ofHong Kong. CSLI Publications.

2001. Christoph Schwarze. Aspetti semantici della formazione delle parole. Arbeitspapier 107. Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft. Universität Konstanz [ pdf-file ]

2001. "Representation und Variation: On the Development of Romance Auxiliary Syntax". in: Miriam Butt & Tracy Holloway King (eds.). Time over matter: Diachronic Perspectives on Morphosyntax.  Stanford: CSLI Publications. pp. 143-172.

Complete List of Publications

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