Sebastian Sulger

Postdoctoral researcher, Linguistics

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XLE homepage

Finite State Morphology

Lexical Functional Grammar homepage
Wikipedia entry on Glue Semantics
XLE Web Interface (online parsing using LFG grammars) (Internet search with Powerset technology)
Powerset, Inc. - link now redirects to Bing

Urdu ParGram Project at Konstanz - our project's website
ParGram Project Homepage & Blog
ParSemWiki - a wiki for discussing ParSem matters
The XLE mailing list
The ParGram mailing list
The ParSem mailing list

VisArgue Project at Konstanz - the website of the newly established inter-disciplinary VisArgue project

Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing at Lahore
The Hindi/Urdu Treebank Project (Homepage at the University of Washington)

National Centre for Language Technology at Dublin

Journal of South Asian Linguistics

Stefan Evert's page on computational approaches to collocations
Ted Pedersen's Text-NSP tool for collocation analysis

My Google Scholar citation index

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