Andreas Walker

Linguist, librarian, etc.

I am a PhD student in Linguistics at the University of Konstanz.

I work on semantics and pragmatics. My dissertation project is on counterfactual donkey sentences.

Upcoming presentations

Donkeys from another world. Talk at the Studienstiftung StipendiatInnentreffen, May 15th.

Recent publications

Walker, A. & M. Romero. 2016. High and low readings in indicative donkeys. In Proceedings of SuB 20, 761-778.

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I have taught semantics and logic to undergraduate students both as an instructor and as a teaching assistant. I have also TAed for an introduction to semantics at the MA level, and for an undergraduate introduction to pragmatics.

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I have an MA in Linguistics and a BA in Literature-Art-Media, both from the University of Konstanz.

I have worked as a researcher and as a librarian.

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Reading group

I founded the graduate student reading group in Semantics and Pragmatics, 'SuP, but stepped down as coordinator recently.

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