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♞ = dissertation project

⚖ = peer-reviewed

Please email me if you need a copy of one of my papers.

⚖ ♞ Walker, A. & M. Romero. 2016. High and low readings in indicative donkeys. In Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 20, 761-778.

Presents data on high and low readings in indicative donkeys and discusses its relation with symmetric and asymmetric readings.

⚖ ♞ Walker, A. & M. Romero. 2015. Counterfactual donkeys. A strict conditional analysis. In Proceedings of SALT 25, 288-307.

Argues for a strict conditional version of van Rooij's (2006) semantics of counterfactual donkeys based on NPI 'any' and defends it against Wang's (2009) criticism.

⚖ ♞ Walker, A. 2014. A D-type theory solution to the proportion problem. In Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2014 Student Session, 165–176.

Presents an account of the proportion problem in indicative donkeys with 'usually', extending Elbourne's (2005) D-type theory.

Walker, A. 2013. Soft presupposition triggers. MA Thesis, University of Konstanz.

Argues against Abrusán's (2011) and Romoli's (2012) accounts of soft presupposition triggers.

⚖ Walker, A. 2012. Focus, uniqueness and soft presupposition triggers. In Proceedings of the 18th Amsterdam Colloquium, 460–469.

Argues that the projection behavior of definite NPs can be explained by analyzing the definite article as a soft presupposition trigger.

Walker, A. 2010. Digitalisierung mittelalterlicher Handschriften. Am Beispiel des Codex Sangallensis 18. BA Thesis, University of Konstanz.

Discusses the digitization practice of the Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen from the perspective of media theory.

Walker, A. 2010. Medienwissenschaft: systematisch. In Bibliothek aktuell 90.

Describes the design and implementation of a new library classification for media studies at the library of the University of Konstanz.