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Neurolinguistics: Nadine Tema

Nadine Tema
Project: D-7
Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft 
Universität Konstanz 
78457 Konstanz 


tel.:   +49 (0) 7531 88 4834
room: F 548



Research interests focus mainly on language representations in the mental lexicon focusing different patterns of morphological processing in German. Previous research included the role of the family size in the morphological processing of German prefixed verbs and the role of prefixes and particles for the morphological presentation of German verbs in the mental lexicon. The focus of the dissertation is the processing of morphological constructions especially the role of derivations from a synchronic and diachronic perspective. It includes ERP studies about simple vs. complex patterns of derivations and zero derivations in the brain.


Biographical Sketch

since Sept.

PhD-Student, University of Konstanz, Project:
“Language specific morphological and metrical structure in speech processing: Comparative psycho-and neurolinguistics investigations of French and German”

2001 - 2008

Sprachwissenschaft mit germanistischem Schwerpunkt/ Kunst-und Medienwissenschaft/ Politikwissenschaft University of Konstanz Magisterarbeit : Auditive Sprachwahrnehmung: Eine vergleichende Analyse aktueller Modelle in der Linguistik


Abitur, Hans-Thoma-Gymnasium, Lörrach



  • M.A. thesis: „Auditive Sprachwahrnehmung: Eine vergleichende Analyse aktueller Modelle in der Linguistik“
  • Article: „The influence of family size for the processing of german prefixed verbs” ( in preparation for the publication)
  • Article: “Prefixes vs. Particles- consequences for the morphological processing of german complex verbs” ( in preparation for the publication)

    Language Skills

    German (native tongue)
    English (good)
    Italian (excellent)
    French (basic)



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