A List of Participants (in alphabetical order):

Kearsy Cormier (University of Texas at Austin)
Distribution of inclusive/exclusive distinction in signed and spoken languages

Michael Cysouw (ZAS, Berlin)
Explicitness lost: Homophony between inclusive/exclusive and other person

Michael Daniel (Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow)
Five false truths about plural personal pronouns.

Viktor Elsik (Charles University, Prague & University of Manchester)
Suppletive patterns in 1st and 2nd person pronouns

Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon (Universität Klagenfurt)
Personal pronouns in Slovenian, Chiquitano, and Navaho

Elena Filimonova (Universität Konstanz)
Universal irregularities of personal pronouns
(browsing through the Universals Archive)

Heather Haberl & Rebecca Hanson (University of Calgary, Zi Corporation)
Gender specification in inclusive pronouns: An analysis of Nama

Hany Babu (Universität Konstanz)
Pronouns in Malayalam

Andrej A. Kibrik (Institute of Linguistics, Moscow,
currently MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)
Verbal agreement and referential strategies in Svan

Yoshiko Ono (Tübingen/Konstanz/Zürich)
Constitution of the 1st Person Plural as a hidden category for obviation
and deictic organization of expressions
(with particular reference to Japanese in comparison with inverse systems)

Frans Plank (Universität Konstanz)
Competing motivations for pronominal paradigms:
Markedness, conflict resolution, recent inheritance

Elisa Roma  (Università di Pavia)
How verb inflection and pronouns have interacted in the history of Irish

Wolfgang Schellinger (Universität Konstanz)
Inclusivity, dual number, and marriage mode: Father Schmidt revisited

Horst Simon (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Are YOU and the OTHER(S) truly divorced? -
Sifting the evidence for second person inclusives and exclusives